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Single sided hearing

Member Posts: 2 Join Date : 17 May 2013
Looking for any information/tips on living with single-sided hearing. Can not have implants to correct.
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Posted on : 18 May @ 9:29pm


  • Phonak Employee Posts: 15 Join Date : 29 Mar 2012
    There are options to help with single sided hearing that don't require surgery or implants. These are known as CROS or BiCROS systems. The idea is that you wear a transmitter on the ear with no hearing and a receiver/ hearing aid on the ear with hearing. Older systems used to transmit the sound from the non hearing ear to the better ear using a wire connecting transmitter and receiver.This gives you the impression that you are hearing sounds from both sides.
    Now the new CROS systems are wireless .  Phonak has a wireless CROS system called Phonak CROS II. If you want to find out more check out the website
    Posted on : 28 Jan @ 1:43pm
  • Guest, Member Posts: 1 Join Date : 08 Feb 2016
    i had a phonak fell out of my ear and I was unable to find it.  I have very small ears and device was not secure.  Are there any accessories that help secure a device to the ear? 
    Posted on : 08 Feb @ 8:37pm
  • Phonak Employee Posts: 15 Join Date : 29 Mar 2012
    Hi megog, Have you seen huggies/hookies for hearing aids? They are ideal if you have small ears as you can adjust them to your ear size really easily. I have found a link if you want to take a look at how they look. I am not sure if you can find a local supplier? Maybe ask your audiologist to see if they can help.

    Posted on : 09 Mar @ 4:07pm
  • Guest, Member Posts: 5 Join Date : 01 Jul 2016
    I have had single sided deafness my whole life,so I know what it's like without hearing aids.A few tips are to:
    1:Sit/Stand on the Right side (by right side I mean right to you,this works for me however)
    2:Tilt your head
    3:"Avoid" loud places when possible
    4:Concentrate,and practice.
    After you've done this it's practically second nature,it's even first nature to me since I was born with it.
    Posted on : 01 Jul @ 12:29am
  • Guest, Member Posts: 10 Join Date : 27 Jul 2016
    Posted on : 11 Aug @ 4:19pm
  • Member Posts: 39 Join Date : 17 Oct 2012

    I was born with a type of hearing disability that is associated with other birth defects. I've had a number of surgeries and procedures done during my childhood, and all of them were above the neck. I have never had hearing aids. This is mostly because it was confirmed that I had the one birth defect that could not be resolved. It is where one of the 3 inner bones that allow for a person to transmit sounds to the brain is attached to a membrane directly attached to the spinal cord. Severing this attachment would have caused me to have a lifetime of constantly draining my ear of spinal fluid. Thankfully, the doctor made the right decision to leave it as it was.

    CornyLily_2003 is correct that one with SSH can improve their situation by following the rules pointed out in the post above. For me, however, I have found that growing up without the ability to hear in the right ear actually leads to a difficulty of a person to develop speech and language skills as a person with normal hearing - even for many who have hearing loss in the left ear. The areas of the brain that are designed to support speech, language, and long term memory are most associated with the right ear. If the right ear is not adequately and properly stimulated then these skills become more difficult. If often find myself temporarily losing my ability to find certain words when I am speaking or writing - especially nouns and people's names. Whenever I learn anything, I can only do so by practicing it at least a dozen times.

    What comes easy to many is not so easy for me. There is more that can be associated with growing up with SSH, but those are other discussions. Many are covered in other topics I have posted on this site.

    Posted on : 14 Nov @ 1:08am
  • Member Posts: 2 Join Date : 14 Sep 2017
    I have the BiCROS (deaf in left ear) Its not perfect, but does help ,,,,better than having just one hearing aid in the hearing ear. My audiologist  told me  results very from patent to patent.
    Posted on : 14 Sep @ 11:26pm
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