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Help me

Member Posts: 1 Join Date : 01 Nov 2017
I cannot hear on my right ear and no one knows about it until know. Seriously because I am becoming 18 years old. Well I've been like that since I was 4. Although whispering in my right ear is hard because I cannot hear, I am not showing any signs of  complications. Well even my parents does not know. I've had grow to be like this so I did not realize that I am deaf on my right ear until now. 
Posted on : 01 Nov @ 12:05pm


  • Member Posts: 65 Join Date : 17 Dec 2016
    GET A HEARING EXAM! Not just a hearing booth test, but a full examination of the ears(both). It might only be in your right ear, your left side may be trying to compensate for that and may be making things even more difficult for you, balance issues, visual distortion, headaches, ringing in the ears, etc.
    Posted on : 03 Nov @ 11:19pm
  • Member Posts: 12 Join Date : 04 Nov 2017
    +1 on getting a hearing exam. It's best to always consult a doctor.

    - Brandon
    Posted on : 04 Nov @ 3:49am
  • Member Posts: 2 Join Date : 14 Nov 2017

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