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Lyric dies after 3 weeks

Member Posts: 1 Join Date : 07 Sep 2017
I've been using the Lyric for about 3 years with pretty decent success.  However, most recently, this year actually (2017), I don't seem to get more than 3 weeks before it shuts down.  I used to get about 4 months before replacements.  In any case, my habits with Lyric have not changed, so I am bit puzzled.  Contrary to some posts I have read in this forum, I cannot swim with it or get the slightest bit of water in my ear or it will die.  So, I remove it before swimming and showering and reinsert after; I put it to "sleep" at night otherwise I get tremendous feedback when I sleep on the side with the Lyric; and I also put it to sleep when I ride my motorcycle or use my earbuds with my MP3 player.  Same behavior I have always done.  My audi doesn't seem to know what's going one but she is happy to replace them when I call.  

Anyone else having similar issues?

Posted on : 07 Sep @ 11:32pm


  • Member Posts: 1 Join Date : 19 Oct 2017
    Hi there: I don't have a problem with my Lyric dying, but I have had a problem when water gets into my ear -- it causes major pain, swelling and irritation every time. It was so bad the first couple of times I nearly gave up on the Lyrics altogether, but I stuck it out, coming up with all kinds of crazy ways of stopping up my ears to keep water out when I shower.  My Audiologist has been adamant that I can't take them out and put them back in, so I'm amazed to hear that you do that. Is there anything special about how you remove them and put them back? Do you have a tool that you use to insert? Thanks.
    Posted on : 19 Oct @ 12:29am
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