In light of the issues, we have been facing with spammers on the forum we have decided to move the HearingLikeMe community to a Facebook Group.

We believe that a Facebook Group will be more appropriate for the community to engage as it offers all the functionalities and security required to keep it free from malicious users.

We will close the HearingLikeMe forum in January 2018, in the meantime, you can already request to join the group here:

We are looking forward to meeting you there and continue the conversation.

Kind regards,

The HearingLikeMe Team

New to hearing like me.

Member Posts: 40 Join Date : 27 Jul 2017
I join hearing like me yesterday and wanna introduce myself here with you all. Hope it will be a nice time to see people like me.  Really happy to be a part of this board and will love to say hi everyone. 
Posted on : 29 Jul @ 10:13am


  • Member Posts: 39 Join Date : 19 Jul 2017
    edited August 2017
     Hello, Laurent,  My name is Aazeen and I am going to say a warm welcome to you in this community. I am one of the members of the board who have a  deep interest in traveling as I am ready to go through boston to niagara What's about your interests? 
    Posted on : 31 Aug @ 7:20am
  • Member Posts: 40 Join Date : 27 Jul 2017
    Its good to see you here Aazeen and a welcome post for me makes me happy. Although it's late to see your post but quite happy to see your participation and hope it will be a nice time to talk with you about our mutual interest. 
    Posted on : 25 Jan @ 7:36am
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