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We will close the HearingLikeMe forum in January 2018, in the meantime, you can already request to join the group here:

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World traveler, writer... and hearing aid wearer

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imageWorld traveler, writer... and hearing aid wearer

Hi. I’m Steff. I'm a world traveler, writer, and hearing aid wearer. But that's just the beginning. Traveling with hearing loss is

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Posted on : 16 May @ 7:29pm


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    Interesting read Steffani. I did enjoy this post, specially how yo write that your hearing loss does not define who you are or what you should do. Sometimes we hide behind our hearing loss, I know I did for at least 10 years.

    Great topic, keep posting similar articles.
    Posted on : 16 May @ 7:29pm
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    Hello Steffani! You have a lot to share about being human! Your writing is beautiful. Your pictures are gorgeous and your words inspire! I love travel. I do hear and sometimes I know my other senses can lack acuity. I am reaching out to share an opportunity for travel and work. I dream to create the largest network of people who are deaf and travel the world. For people to get connected and live their dreams experiencing all that travel and seeing the world has to offer! You Rock! Keep living your dream. I would be honored to chat and share my vision and road map. Take care!
    Posted on : 25 Nov @ 5:05am
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